Build Credit, not Debt…

When it’s time to pay for your coffee, movie ticket or those killer sunglasses, what do you choose: credit or debit?

Credit cards can be great. You earn the rewards, build credit, and get extra fraud protection, but it’s too easy to overspend or miss payments. Debit cards ensure you’re spending money you actually have but you miss out on the benefits credit cards offer.

With SteadiPay you get the best of both

The benefits of credit cards without the stress of overspending or missing payments… So reach for that credit card and know you’re swiping responsibly.

Why SteadiPay

The Best of Credit

Use whatever credit card you like to earn rewards, build credit, and enjoy extra fraud protection

The Best of Debit

Stop worrying about statement balances, due dates or interest.

Smart Personal Finance

Save money, find better products, and stay ahead of tight spots… more features coming soon!

SteadiPay is Live! Download the App Today.

How it Works


Link your existing credit card and checking account to SteadiPay, and then use your credit card for all your purchases.

Automatic Transfer

At the end of the day, SteadiPay transfers the money needed to cover your purchases ($50 in our example) from your checking account to your SteadiPay account.

Automatic Credit Card Payments

When your credit card bill is due, the money is already set aside in your SteadiPay account, and we automatically make the payment for you.

Steadi Security

You’re wondering about security. Rest easy…

  • SteadiPay uses bank-level encryption and security to protect your data
  • Your transaction and balance information is tokenized before we receive it.
  • Your bank login credentials are deleted from our servers once we link your accounts.