Fully Automated Card Management

How frustrating is it when a vendor gets declined because your card was near its limit again?  Making manual payments, waiting for them to clear, worrying about balances… These are distractions you don’t need from your business.

Credit Optimizer covers your business card spending and automatically makes payments to ensure you always have room on your card!

  • Works with your existing card(s)

  • Put 4-5x your limit on your card each month – maximize those rewards!

  • Fully automated – no more manual payments

  • No more tracking balances or due dates

  • Easy to turn off/on

How it Works

Step 1

Link your credit card and business checking accounts to SteadiPay.

Step 2

Set your card payment trigger (example: anytime you hit 60% of your credit limit).

Step 3

SteadiPay automatically pays down your card, so you never max out.