Upgrade your treasury management – no matter where you bank

Earn up to 20x higher interest on your business cash – without switching banks.

Cash Optimizer is more flexible than a money market or sweep account, with better returns.

FDIC insured

Next-day liquidity

Secure connectivity

Earn better interest rates with a SteadiPay account.

*Up to $50K. Effective rate is 0.65% on balances above $50K.

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Rather than being locked to whatever low-rate money market account your bank offers your business, you get:

No minimum balances

Automatic balance maintenance

No maximum transfer limits

Next-day liquidity

High interest rates and low fees

How it works

Step 1

Link your operating account to SteadiPay in about 3 minutes.

Step 2

Excess funds auto-transfer to our high-yield account.

Step 3

SteadiPay checks balances and auto-transfers back when you need it.

You’re looking out for every dollar of your company’s money. It’s important to trust your financial partners:

Our bank partner, Axos Bank, is a federally-chartered bank with:

      • More than $12B in assets
      • A 20 year history in digital banking
      • Excellent financial security and stability ratings

All account access is tokenized, and we do not store your credentials on our servers

We use internal and third-party fraud monitoring processes to constantly monitor and protect your account.

We do not share or sell your or your company’s data – ever.

Our Customers Love Cash Optimizer:

I'd been looking for the best place to put our cash. Every bank I looked at had terrible rates for businesses... Until I looked at SteadiPay!

Andy, Climbing Gym Owner

I didn't want to have to switch our operating account, but our bank was giving us basically 0%. Cash Optimizer is exactly what we needed.

Amy, Startup Founder

I spent so much time just tracking balances and figuring out how much to keep in our different accounts. SteadiPay has totally simplified that. I'm saving a couple hours a week and adding hundreds of dollars per month to our bottom line. That may not be a lot to some companies, but it makes a huge difference for me.

Steph, Clothing Company Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SteadiPay secure my account information?

The security of your information is a top priority for us. To ensure the safety of your account information:

  • All of your account information is stored on highly-encrypted, fully PCI-compliant servers
  • Your banking login credentials are never stored on our servers
  • We do not sell or share your account data
  • We monitor for unusual transfer and login activity, and send you notifications any time we see something

If I have more than $250,000 in my SteadiPay account, is it still FDIC insured?

Yes. SteadiPay uses specialized systems to hold your funds to ensure that every dollar is FDIC insured.

Do I have to change banks to earn the interest rate?

No. Once enrolled, we establish a high-yield account with our bank partners and then we simply transfer excess funds into it to deliver industry-leading interest rate returns to you. Then, when you need it back, we automatically transfer it back into your account.

Can I use multiple accounts to maximize my interest returns?

At this time, we are currently limiting the number of accounts you can connect to one.  We expect this limitation to be lifted in the near future so you can maximize the funds you are earning interest on.

Are funds pulled (swept) from my accounts automatically?

Every Monday morning, SteadiPay will evaluate the available balance in your bank account in relation to the thresholds you set for that account to determine if funds have to be transferred in or out of SteadiPay. If so, an appropriate transfer will be initiated.

Keep in mind, you may always initiate a Manual Transfer, if necessary.

Can I modify or cancel a transfer once it’s initiated?

Yes, as long as it’s before the cutoff time. When a transfer is created, it is “Initiated” in SteadiPay. In this state, it can be modified or cancelled. At 2pm EST (5pm PST), all Initiated transfers will be executed and change state to “In Process.” At this point, no further modifications or cancellations can be performed. When we receive confirmation that a transfer has been completed, the transaction will change state to “Completed.”

Will I receive a 1099-INT at the end of the year for interest earned?

Yes. SteadiPay is responsible for furnishing you a form 1099-INT for the calendar year, by March 15th of the following year.