Every dollar is hard-fought for a small business. We’re here to make sure those dollars are put to the best use possible.

Whether it’s maximizing your credit card rewards, getting you a higher interest rate on cash, or improving other elements of cash flow, we want to make sure your business is as financially efficient and healthy as possible.

SteadiPay was built by former small business operators who were all too familiar with the pain of managing finances for a small business.  They felt that small businesses have been left behind in the recent wave of financial innovation, and are still relying mostly on manual processes and legacy technology.

SteadiPay is here to handle some of those manual chores and free you up to focus on the fun part of your business!  We have some great tools today, with more on the way…


“It’s like finding $1,000s in the couch cushions of your business.”

Customers have earned $1,000s more per month in interest and rewards for their small businesses.

SteadiPay integrates with your existing accounts, so you don’t have to switch bank accounts or credit cards.