Simplifying cash management, so you have more time and money to focus on customers, sales, growth, product, pipeline, team, what matters, what you love

SteadiPay Products

Credit Optimizer

Sign up and stop worrying about credit limits, balances or due dates!

Cash Optimizer

Earning up to 30x more on your cash! Our automated, bank-agnostic sweep account lets you earn more, wherever you bank.

AP Optimizer

Spend less time tracking AP, figuring out what bill to pay when, or how much to move from account to account.

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Award-winning financial tools for small businesses

(Best of LA Fintech 2018)

What would an extra $1,000 mean to your business? For big companies, it’s a rounding error. To a small business, an extra $1,000 could be an month’s ad budget, an extra box of inventory, a great team activity, or the difference between making and missing payroll. Steadi can help create thousands of dollars of value – in cash, rewards and time.

What Clients Are Saying

We are able to put a lot more of our expenses through our credit card, which is earning us $1,000 more every month in cash back... All because we never bump into our credit limit anymore!

Andy, Climbing Gym Owner

I'm earning interest on my cash at a 30x higher rate than my bank was giving me, and signing up and managing the sweep account is so much faster than what my bank offered.

Amy, Startup Founder

My business credit card has the best rewards but a low limit. SteadiPay has let us max out rewards without ever worrying about maxing out the card.

Shaun, Restaurant Group CFO

I spent so much time just tracking balances and figuring out how much to keep in our different accounts. SteadiPay has totally simplified that. I'm saving a couple hours a week and adding hundreds of dollars per month to our bottom line. That may not be a lot to some companies, but it makes a huge difference for our small business.

Steph, Marketing Agency Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does SteadiPay secure my account information?

The security of your information is a top priority for us. To ensure the safety of your account information:

  • All of your account information is stored on highly-encrypted, fully PCI-compliant servers
  • Your banking login credentials are never stored on our servers
  • We do not sell or share your account data
  • We monitor for unusual transfer and login activity, and send you notifications any time we see something

If I have more than $250,000 in my SteadiPay account, is it still FDIC insured?

Yes. SteadiPay uses specialized systems to hold your funds to ensure that every dollar is FDIC insured.